About us

logo"GODOLI 2008’’ Ltd  was founded in 2007, on the basis of  the personnel of   Steel Structures Department  #67  of Georgian Technical University and the Project Design  bureau  “MSHENEBLI”’ existed under the same department.

During the last few years the group of engineers of “GODOLI 2008’’ Ltd realized a number of the scientific - research and design projects, such as:

  • Exploration and making up the projects for reconstruction works of Tbilsresi  III, IV, VIII, IX and X power blocks;
  • Research and development of recommendations for further exploitation of the loading carcass  of the main department of  Ferro Alloy Plant in Zestafoni;
  • Design of Youth Centre in Rustavi;
  • Drawing up of the detail  project of  steel construction of the railway station “Ureki” and etc.


Realized works:

From the date of foundation ”GODOLI 2008” Ltd has been realizing the design projects for the organizations  such as:  “Tsavkisi Valley”, “Heidelberg Cement”, company  “Sasco”, etc.

  • Since 2007 up today it has fulfilled the following projects:
  • Projects of individual houses  in residential  complex “Tsavkisi Valley”  (78 projects of individual houses);
  • Project  of  80 houses  in residential complex “Tsavkisi Hillside”;
  • Bridge  in residential complex “Tsavkisi Valley”;
  • Multi-functional commercial center in “Tsavkisi Valley”  with  an useful area of 6000m2.
  • Design of  the foundation of dust holder fans of  “Heidelberg Cement” Rustavi and Kaspi factories;
  • Cement silos in Rustavi factory of “Heidelberg Cement’’, capacity - 300 tons.
  • Sport Palace in Zestafoni;
  • FC “Zestafoni“  stadium lighting towers, 45m in height;
  • The projects of  the shopping center of  business complex “Titan City”,   I stage -60000 m2.
  • The business complex “Titan City”, inner  facility roads and drainage  network  15000m;
  • The business complex “Titan City”, inner  water supply-sewer project;
  • The business complex “Titan City”, external  water supply lines, length 4500 m;
  • The business complex “Titan City”, the network of  electrical power  supply with the power of 10000 kw;
  • Refrigerator complex in Poti, capacity - 10000tons  frozen products;
  • Georgian mineral water “Borjomi” Ltd, exploration and drawing up of reconstruction-rehabilitation project of the retaining  wall between the railway line and the territory of the plant #1.


 “Godoli 2008 " Ltd is focused on a high - intelligent design - exploration and research activities in the following areas:

  • Industrial and civil construction projects (objects)
  • Transportation system
  • Hydro facilities
  • Trunk/ main  pipelines
  • Vertical and horizontal oil reservoirs
  • Retaining walls
  • Restore-reconstruction of cultural and historical buildings
  • Geotechnical and other engineering structures and systems


  1. Nugzar Svianadze – Director, Engineer - Constructor, Technical University of Georgia, doctorant.
  2. Goderdzi Guntsadze - Chief  Engineer, direct manager of  construction and montage works, honored  Engineer of Georgia.
  3. Bichiko Surguladze – Chief  constructor, Engineer - Constructor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, full professor of  Construction  Department of  Technical University of Georgia.
  4. Ingusha Mshveniaradze - chief consultant, Doctor of Technical Sciences, chief of department of  steel structures direction of Technical University of Georgia , full professor.
  5. Zurab Sujashvili - Chief architect, the member of the Union of Architects of Georgia , laureate of many international awards.
  6. Ivane Manjgaladze – senior constructor;
  7. Beka Sujashvili - Architect;
  8. Irakli Firanashvili - Architect;
  9. Lali Kvirikashvili - constructor;
  10. Levan Firkulashvili - constructor;
  11. Naili Londaridze - engineer-constructor of  El. network ;
  12. Manana Zangurashvili - engineer- constructor of Water-Sewer systeIm.